Our church uses a software called Church Community Builder to help us stay better connected with each other. We like to call it "CCB" for short. As a member or regular attender, you can use this to look up contact info for other families, register for upcoming events, manage your online giving, and stay connected with what's happening in the small groups you're involved in.

We also link to CCB from our weekly News & Updates email and other communication we send you. We might be directing you to contact a person, or to sign up for an event. By linking you to CCB we're able to ensure that these things are kept private between church attenders only.

Speaking of privacy, please be sure to read our Online Community Guidelines. We would like to ensure safety and privacy for all of our users so we ask that you follow these guidelines.


First, you'll need to sign up. Click on the Community Login button on the top right of any page on our website. Click on Sign Up at the bottom of the login form and complete the request for a username.

If your email address is in our system, you'll get a username right away. Otherwise, the church office will approve your request for a username. This usually takes a day or two.

CCB Sign Up

Update Your Profile

The first thing you should do after getting your username is to update your profile. Please take some time to make sure that we have received and entered all your information correctly for each of your family members.

You'll also want to take a look at your Privacy Settings to make sure you're sharing your contact information with other people in the church. By default we don't share any of your information with anyone other than church leadership. When you sign up to be included in our church directory, we'll update this section for you to match what you told us to include in the directory.

All of these areas can be accessed by clicking on your name on the top right of any page.

CCB Profile Settings

You're welcome to change your information and your privacy settings yourself at any time during the year and your changes will be reflected in the next printed church directory. The church directory will print any piece of contact info that is set in CCB to share with "Everyone" in our church community.

If you've been missing emails or getting too many emails from the groups you're involved in, you may want to check out the Communication Settings section.

Other Areas to Check Out

Church Community Builder offers many other features that we use to help you stay connected. I'll be explaining more of these in future posts, but if you're feeling ambitious, you might check these things out on your own:

  • My Groups - Be sure that the groups we have you involved in are accurate. If you're missing a group, search for it and request to be added to it.
  • News & Updates - Did you miss one of the recent emails? We've included links to them on the home page in CCB.
  • Give - Did you know you can give to the church online instead of having to remember to write a check each week? Click on Give in CCB to set that up.
  • Calendar - CCB gives you a personalized calendar with all the events that you're participating in. You can subscribe to this calendar at the bottom of the calendar page.
  • My Fit - We would like to start connecting people with areas they might be interested in serving in based on their gifts and abilities. When you're editing your profile, complete the "My Fit" tab to let us know more about you.