Chase Barrett

Beyond the Bulletin

Chase and his wife Stacey are ABEFC members and the parents of 9 sons and 1 daughter. He is a software engineer, Sunday School teacher and usher. He enjoys good coffee, music, and hiking and skiing.

Colorado Springs, CO 5 posts

The Seeker

As a new believer just becoming acquainted with the Scriptures, I remember being fascinated with a new and growing awareness of the riches of God’s wisdom. The more I feasted, the hungrier I became for the banquet of His Word. Not surprisingly, that hunger still grows today, as I’ve learned the feast never ends when Infinite God is »

Dull of Hearing

“I’m sorry honey, could you back up please? I was thinking about something else.” I don’t know how many times I’ve had to ask this of my dear wife, but it’s more than I can count, and certainly more than it should be. She’s been pouring out her heart to me, and I’ve missed »

Truth in the Innermost Being

“I didn’t do it!” “It wasn’t me!” “I was only kidding!” As a father, I’ve heard these objections countless times from every one of my children, and most often, I’ve found them to be the opening arguments of a defense built on lies and half-truths. Now, it might be that I have an unusually dishonest family, »

Unseen Reward

A pearl of wisdom I’ve often found helpful is the age-old proverb, “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.” With an economy of words, it reminds me to be pleased and satisfied with all the Lord has given, and at the same time, to be wary of the fickle hunger of the flesh that can never »

The Rewarder

On any given Saturday, chances are good that I’ll be paying a visit to the local hardware store for the odds and ends that need to be done around the house. When I go, I’ll typically bring one or more of my boys with me, just to make the most of our time. And so, one by one, »