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Peter and his wife have two adult children and two cats, Kit Kat & Snickers. He enjoys hot tea, chess, photography, music, and languages.

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Fine Tuning Our Prayers

What do we pray for when we pray? What prayer items make the top of the list? Do we get in a rut and pray the same things and with the same words over and over again? (I find myself doing this.) It is important, especially when praying for others, to lift up urgent needs such as healing, employment, and »

Messiah Before the Manger

The Christmas season is a time to reflect on great themes relating to the incarnation: The coming of Christ into the world The second Person of the Trinity taking on true and permanent human form The sacrifice of Christ at Calvary which necessitated the incarnation The great redemption which the Son of God accomplished through His sacrifice The Presence of »

Devotions: Praying Through Scripture

Years ago, when my wife and I worked with a small church youth group in California, I picked up a small-sized paperback book for kids called something like “Pocket Prayers.” The book was so simple, but the concept inside was brilliant, leaving a lasting impact on my life. Inside were paraphrases of Scripture verses with blanks left for the reader »

Two Key Questions to Ask When Encountering Spiritual Truth

Asking questions can help us arrive at conclusions and bring focus and direction to our thought. Asking important questions helps us to find the important answers. All good listening and reading involves asking interactive questions internally. I will discuss this more in a future blog article. But for now I want to concentrate on two important questions that are central »

The Value of Devotional Reading

In a previous blog article, I addressed the importance of reading books that present doctrinal content. In this article, I will discuss the need for the other important component: devotional reading. The Bible says, “watch over your heart with all diligence” (Proverbs 4:23). One way we can do this is to stir the heart by reading things that are »