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Peter teaches regularly in the Sunday morning Cornerstone class. He and his wife have two adult children and two cats, Kit Kat & Snickers. He enjoys hot tea, chess, photography, music, and languages.

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The Value of Devotional Reading

In a previous blog article, I addressed the importance of reading books that present doctrinal content. In this article, I will discuss the need for the other important component: devotional reading. The Bible says, “watch over your heart with all diligence” (Proverbs 4:23). One way we can do this is to stir the heart by reading things that are »

The Importance of Doctrine and Devotion

In addition to our reading of Scripture, there are two important categories of Christian reading: doctrine and devotion. Both are important, for if we have doctrinal knowledge to the exclusion of devotional warmth, we have only sterile, cold orthodoxy. On the other hand, if we have devotional warmth to the exclusion of doctrine, we will lack content to our faith. »