It's that time of year again! You're probably glancing at the Welcome Center every Sunday to see if ABEFC's new photo directory has been printed. You'll get it in your hands, comb through it to see the new faces, fresh photos, and then you'll set it aside at home. The newness of this year's paper directory will fade quickly.

Did you know that even when you hold that brand new, still hot, off the copier booklet in your hands for the first time, it's already out of date? That's because it takes time to put a directory together and get it printed for you. And in that time, things have changed.

This problem is one of the reasons our church uses CCB (Church Community Builder). If you're unfamiliar with this tool, check out "A Quick Intro to CCB" to get you up to speed. Last year around this time, I showed you how to use to CCB to look up families and their info. But this year, I'm going to show you the mobile tool CCB has, so you can have the directory with you whenever you need it.

Mobile Directory

CCB has a mobile version of the site to make it easy to use from your phone. On your phone's web browser, navigate to CCB ( Before you login (if you're already logged in, you'll need to log out), click on the link that says Mobile Preview, and login.

Before you do anything else, take a moment to bookmark or save this page to your favorites. If you need help figuring out how to do this, take a look at "How to Add Websites to the Home Screen on Any Smartphone or Tablet" - Once you have this site bookmarked or saved to your phone's home screen, you'll be able to easily and quickly pull it up at any time. Believe me, take the time to do this, it will be worth it.

Save to Home Screen

Just search for anyone in the church and you'll be given their contact info as it would appear in the paper directory. Only this much more up to date. And it's convenient when you're on the go because you can just tap on their phone number, email, or address to call them, email them, or get directions to their house.

Example Profile

Maybe next year you won't even need to grab a paper directory!