Hopefully you've picked up your copy of this year's church photo directory. If not, you can find one at the Welcome Center in the foyer or you can contact the church office to get one. Our annual print directory is pretty convenient, but it quickly becomes inaccurate. A lot can change during the year. New families are joining our church, families move, change phone numbers, and have more children. Did you know that all the information you find in the church's print directory can be found in our online community, CCB?

First, you'll need to login to CCB. If you need help getting your login info, or help with logging in, check out my post, "A Quick Intro to Church Community Builder."

Locating a Family

All the directory information is located under the section called "People" located in the left sidebar. When you click on that, you'll be given a search box to look up the person. When you start typing CCB will start searching, so you don't need to type their whole name in. Spelling matters, so if you can't find the person you're looking for, try a different spelling of their name.

Once the person you are looking for is in the list, click on them and you'll be brought to their profile page. This is just like your profile page, except you're only seeing information that they have shared with the church directory.

People Search

You can also look up people by the groups you're involved in. Did you meet someone in your Sunday School class, but you can't remember their name? Pull up that Sunday School class group in CCB and click on the "Participants" tab. You'll see a list of all the people in your class with their photos so you can find who you're looking for.

Group Participants

Updating My Family's Info

Information in CCB is always the most accurate, most recent information that we have. You can help keep our database accurate by updating your own profile when your information changes. This will help our ministry leaders stay in better contact with you and ensure that you never miss out on important church news.

Privacy Settings

Changing My Privacy Settings

All of the info in CCB is being protected by your privacy settings. When you signed up for the church directory, we made sure to change your privacy settings in CCB so that only the information you wanted to share is visible to other church members in our online community. Feel free to change these settings yourself and you'll see those changes reflected in next year's paper directory.