The issue of homosexuality is, without a doubt, one of the most pressing cultural issues for believers in our society today. In the midst of all of the debates surrounding this issue and the increasing pressure to affirm homosexuality, it is easy for any believer to become confused as to what the true biblical teaching is regarding this subject and how one should respond to the common objections heard from so many today. One of my favorite resources for believers as they try to wade through these difficult discussions is Kevin DeYoung’s What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality.

In this relatively brief work (160 pages), DeYoung first offers a quick look at all of the biblical passages that are essential in understanding this debate. While his treatment of each passage is not necessarily exhaustive in nature, it is more than adequate for helping any believer understand the overall argument against homosexuality that is clearly taught throughout all of Scripture. In the second half of DeYoung’s book, the reader is given a quick overview of the most common objections we will hear in response to our disagreement. These objections include arguments grounded in God’s “love,” the importance of “tolerance” in the Church, and the issue of fairness. In each of his responses, DeYoung helps the reader not only see the flaws of these arguments as well as how we can respond in a loving and gracious manner.

The debate surrounding homosexuality will, no doubt, continue to be hashed out in the public square for many years to come. As believers, it is essential that we are prepared to not only defend the biblical teaching regarding this issue, but also to use this debate as an opportunity to point people to the grace needed by all that is only found in Jesus Christ. To help us in that pursuit I highly recommend this work from DeYoung.

What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality has been made available for check-out from the ABEFC library, along with other titles in The Bookshelf.