Throughout the Bible, giving is an expression of faith. One account that illustrates this principle is King David’s contribution to the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem. David had lived his whole life in service to the Lord and in expectation of the day when he would be able to build a permanent house for the Ark of the Covenant (1 Chronicles 28).

Bad News and Giving

When the time came for breaking ground, the Lord informed David that he was not worthy to lead the project. There was too much blood on David’s hands. David’s son, Solomon, would be the one to build the Temple in Jerusalem. How did David react to this bad news? We might expect him to be disappointed or to question his faith. Instead, we see a positive reaction and giving plays a vital part.

David turns to the public assembly and tells them that he has been denied the privilege of building the temple. He offers his full support to the project by giving his entire personal fortune – all his gold, silver and precious possessions. The leaders of Israel hear David’s pledge and respond in faith, by giving from their own personal wealth.

Through giving, we express our faith and trust in the Lord, honor God and can inspire others to join together in a greater community of giving.

King David: Principles of Giving

What lessons can we learn from King David?

  1. Giving is not only appropriate as a response to our blessings. David’s generosity comes on the heels of bad news. Through his giving, David evidences both faith and love for the Lord, even though his own plans and dreams go unfulfilled.

  2. God owns it all. Giving to the temple was his duty as a good and faithful steward of his God-given wealth.

  3. David’s giving was not a private transaction between him and the Lord. It was an individual act as part of a community of faith.

Giving: Expressing our Faith

Today, the work of the Lord continues through churches, ministries, and charities. Through the story of David we can draw strength and through giving, we express our faith and trust in the Lord. Through giving, we honor God. Through giving, we can inspire others to join together in a greater community of giving.