As our culture continues down a path that seems to be guided by anything but a biblical worldview, we as Christians face the difficult challenge of figuring out how we should respond. While it is tempting to respond with nothing more than frustration and cynicism, it is always important to think seriously through how we can respond in a way that is both guided by Truth as well as by a genuine sense of love for those who are lost.

In Onward, Russell Moore helps believers think through our role as the “prophetic minority.” In detailing that role, Onward addresses issues such as immigration, the changing definition of “family”, religious liberties, etc. In all of these issues, the reader is continually challenged to remember that our mission is not simply to reform our culture. Rather, it is to adopt the mission of God by maintaining a steadfast focus on His coming Kingdom.

As believers who are fighting to uphold the truth of the Gospel, we are understandably discouraged by the sinfulness of the world around us. But we must never forget that the world’s sinfulness in no way threatens the success of the Gospel. To help us think through what our response ought to be and to bring a word of encouragement in the midst of these discouraging times, I highly recommend Onward. For, as Moore says:

“We are warriors, yes, but joyful warriors. We are not slouching to Gomorrah; we are marching to Zion.”

Onward has been made available for check-out from the ABEFC library, along with other titles in The Bookshelf.