Beyond the Bulletin

Drops of Oil

There once lived a woman in a village of Israel. This woman’s husband—the son of a prophet—had recently passed away, leaving her with mountains of debt and two young sons who were too young to care for her. Adding to the dilemma, her family’s creditors had come to collect—and had threatened to take the widow’ »

Beyond the Print Directory - Part 2

It's that time of year again! You're probably glancing at the Welcome Center every Sunday to see if ABEFC's new photo directory has been printed. You'll get it in your hands, comb through it to see the new faces, fresh photos, and then you'll set it aside at home. The newness of this year's paper directory will fade quickly. Did »

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

This review was written by an ABEFC member who has relationships with many foreign and American Muslims. Since 9/11 our media have paid more attention to Islam, and the vast majority of their stories appear in response to sickening acts of terrorism. But many of us frequently interact with gentle, friendly Muslims who are horrified by what extremists do »

God the Spirit

There are roughly 130 songs sung at least once a year when the church gathers at Austin Bluffs. Out of that number, eighty-two songs explicitly mention God by name. Jesus is mentioned in eighty-one songs. The Holy Spirit is mentioned twenty times. Although the Holy Spirit's work is always focused on exalting God in Christ (John 16), this is not »

Messiah Before the Manger

The Christmas season is a time to reflect on great themes relating to the incarnation: The coming of Christ into the world The second Person of the Trinity taking on true and permanent human form The sacrifice of Christ at Calvary which necessitated the incarnation The great redemption which the Son of God accomplished through His sacrifice The Presence of »