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Reformation Anniversary

“The Man in the High Castle” is an alternative history novel that imagines what might have happened to the United States had the Allies not won World War II. East of the Rockies, the people all speak German and live under the flag of the Third Reich while Imperial Japan rules over the land west of the Rockies. It’s »

From Drums to Drums

If I've done it once, I've done it a million times. Come home from work, unload my belongings in the entryway, greet the kids screaming (in joy or crisis, whatever the lot that day), and seek out my sweet wife for a kiss and an update of the day's activities. And every few months she greets me with a particular »

Pastor Ben is Leaving

Pastor Ben is leaving. Somehow, when the time eventually came for me to break the news to my kids, there didn’t seem to be a much easier way to say it. As I shared those difficult words around our dinner table, my girls began to cry and my boys sat in stunned silence. Then came the questions. Why? Where? »

75 Years of Marriage

Celebrating a 75th wedding anniversary places you into a pretty exclusive club. As it turns out, only .03% of couples will ever make it to this remarkable milestone. It was our privilege recently to mark out and honor a dear couple in our own church who were celebrating their 75th anniversary and to take some time to learn from their »

Welcome to Beyond the Bulletin

It's Sunday morning and you've found yourself just in time to peel surgically into the last visible parking spot on the lot. The family piles out of the vehicle and hustles down the walkway to the front doors of the church building, earnest to arrive in time and find an equally advantageous seat in the sanctuary. Throwing open the doors »