It's Sunday morning and you've found yourself just in time to peel surgically into the last visible parking spot on the lot. The family piles out of the vehicle and hustles down the walkway to the front doors of the church building, earnest to arrive in time and find an equally advantageous seat in the sanctuary. Throwing open the doors and breathing a sigh of accomplishment, you're greeted by a warm smile, a firm handshake and a crisp bulletin.

It's a most regular part of our weekly experience, that bulletin. Within its folds the long-time church member and first-time visitor alike find a broad picture of 'what's happening' at ABEFC, and they can rest assured that its information is up-to-date and accurate. And yet, one piece of neatly printed paper can never most fully and richly describe the ministry of our church, no matter how current or finely formatted.

Enter Beyond the Bulletin. As the name implies, this 'blog' is meant as an extension of that most cherished relic of our weekly gatherings. Where the bulletin is concerned with information, the blog is concerned with application. What we are doing each week in the various ministries of the church can be summed up in titles and short paragraphs, but why we do ministry can sometimes get lost in the recurring rhythms of church life.

Beyond the Bulletin is a earnest effort to further communicate the heart and soul of ministry at ABEFC. You can expect a fresh post each week, falling under one of the following categories (click on a category below to be directly linked to its posts):


Browse this section for a wide variety of edifying topics from the Word. These short devotionals are written with the believer in mind, taking into consideration the dynamics of following Jesus in a fallen world.

The Bookshelf

Within these pages you'll find a useful catalogue of book reviews covering the classics and the current, also including further recommendations for study, devotion and application.

Ministry Spotlight

"ABEFC is a gospel-centered community committed to making disciples who love Jesus Christ and love other in Jesus' name." Be inspired to minister and serve one another by reading these regular highlights of our church's various gospel-centered ministries.

Doxology & Theology

These posts will introduce you to new songs and arrangements before they are sung in our services on Sunday morning. Learn what inspired authors to compose our most cherished songs and receive encouragement to think biblically about how and why we worship together in song.


Not sure how to navigate the blog? Can't seem to figure out the new check-in system in the foyer? Need a bit of help connecting online with fellow church members? We can help get you plugged in...literally.

In The Know

If a post doesn't fit neatly into any of the previous categories, you'll find it here. Odds are, you won't want to miss it.

If this is your first visit to our blog (or any blog!) be sure to read Getting to Know the Blog under the category TechTalk for a detailed explanation of how to navigate the site by category, author, or post date.