On Sunday morning, it can be difficult to remember the announcements you hear during the service. And then there's the announcements you see on the slideshow before the service. And don't forget about the ones in the bulletin.

But don't worry! At any time of day, any day of the week, you can see those important church events by visiting our church website, or even better, our online community, CCB (Church Community Builder). There are three great things the CCB calendar does that the website calendar can't do.

First, where is the calendar in CCB? After you log into CCB, click on the calendar icon on the top right of any page. It's right next to your photo.

Personalized Calendar

You'll see on the right side of the calendar page, three different calendars. This allows you to look at just the events you want to see.

Calendar Options

My Calendar

The "My Calendar" shows just the events for the groups you are involved in, as well as any other events you have RSVP'd for. If you aren't involved in any groups yet, you'll still see some events that the whole church is invited to.

Family Calendar

This calendar shows you what you saw in "My Calendar" and also any events from the "My Calendar" of each person in your family. If you click on an event while on this calendar you'll see on the top right which person's calendar this came from or you'll see the RSVP options if it's from your own calendar.

Church-wide Calendar

Finally, the "Church-wide Calendar" shows you all the events that have been published to be shown publicly to the whole church. You may not be involved in these events, but if you would like to attend one of these events, you can RSVP to it. More on that below.

RSVP to Church Events

Another great thing about using the CCB calendar is that you can RSVP to any event in CCB. This does two things. It allows the group leader to get a better picture of how many people are coming. And it allows you to "add" that event to your "My Calendar" so you can remind yourself that you are going to attend.

For example, when looking at the "Church-wide Calendar" in CCB, I can see that there is a "Women's Prayer Meeting" coming up that I would like to attend. This isn't on "My Calendar" because it's not one of the groups I'm involved in. I can click on "Women's Prayer Meeting", and click "Yes" in the RSVP section. It'll just be myself attending, so I leave the additional guests section alone. I click on "RSVP" to complete the action. Now it says I'm "Attending". When I go back to "My Calendar" I find that the "Women's Prayer Meeting" has been added.


RSVP'ing to events that I'm going to will help me and my family remember the church events we're planning on attending.


All of these great features are pretty unhelpful when they're stuck in CCB. But they're not! You can subscribe to your "My Calendar" from any calendar application that you normally use. This will allow you to see the church events you're attending right beside your lunch meetings, doctors appointments, and other events on your phone, tablet, or computer. They'll stay in sync too, so if the event day or time gets changed, it will be updated on your device.

How can you subscribe to your "My Calendar"? At the bottom of your "My Calendar" in CCB is a link called "Subscribe to my calendar". When you click on this, you'll be given an option of what kind of calendar you use for your personal events. Just click on the one you use and it will open it up for you. If you use something other than one of the three listed, you can copy the calendar URL and paste it into your calendar service.

Subscribe Options

Our hope is that the CCB calendar will better connect you with what we're doing at ABEFC and also help you discover new ways you can get involved in our church community.