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Beyond the Bulletin

Jessica is a tech guru at ABEFC. She is also a stay-at-home mom to two little ones and enjoys eating good food with her husband, Daniel.

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Beyond the Print Directory - Part 2

It's that time of year again! You're probably glancing at the Welcome Center every Sunday to see if ABEFC's new photo directory has been printed. You'll get it in your hands, comb through it to see the new faces, fresh photos, and then you'll set it aside at home. The newness of this year's paper directory will fade quickly. Did »

Beyond the Print Directory

Hopefully you've picked up your copy of this year's church photo directory. If not, you can find one at the Welcome Center in the foyer or you can contact the church office to get one. Our annual print directory is pretty convenient, but it quickly becomes inaccurate. A lot can change during the year. New families are joining our church, »

Another Way to Give

How do you normally give to the church? Do you drop a check in the offering bag on Sunday morning? Maybe you mail it to the church? Or do you use the "Bill Pay" feature from your bank? You can also give to the church using CCB (Church Community Builder). Doing it this way means you don't need »

What's Going On?

On Sunday morning, it can be difficult to remember the announcements you hear during the service. And then there's the announcements you see on the slideshow before the service. And don't forget about the ones in the bulletin. But don't worry! At any time of day, any day of the week, you can see those important church events by visiting »