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Lance Gentry serves as Pastor of ABEFC. He loves his wife, his four children and the local church. He enjoys reading, history, documentaries, photography, and watching the storms roll in.

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Trustworthy Resources for Studying Genesis

It has been both challenging and reinforcing to study the book of Genesis and to go back and see God’s creative power and wisdom through each of the creation days. I truly believe the opening chapters of Genesis are intended to build-up our faith and move us to worship the God who spoke all things into existence. It’s »

Reformation Anniversary

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post commemorating the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation (October 31, 1517) and encouraging everyone to grow in the knowledge of this important event by recommending some key resources. New research recently released by the Pew Research Center has underscored just how great this need is and how unaware most »

Reflections on 20 Years of Ministry at ABEFC

In early August of 1997 Leigh Ann and I moved all of our earthly possessions in a small moving van from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs. I had graduated from seminary just a couple of months earlier and we were now headed to our first ministry assignment with excitement and eagerness. I had been called to serve as the Youth »

The Miracle of Saving Faith

The term “miracle” often gets thrown around pretty casually. We often say or hear things like, “It was a miracle I found a parking spot this close!” But miracles are far more significant events than finding a choice parking space or managing to get the last cinnamon crunch bagel. Rightly understood, a miracle is an extraordinary work of God that »

Pastor Ben is Leaving

Pastor Ben is leaving. Somehow, when the time eventually came for me to break the news to my kids, there didn’t seem to be a much easier way to say it. As I shared those difficult words around our dinner table, my girls began to cry and my boys sat in stunned silence. Then came the questions. Why? Where? »