Let the peoples praise You, O God; let all the peoples praise You! (Psalm 67)

Our church has been exposed to many foundational truths over the last year amidst the current Genesis sermon series. 'In the beginning' we witnessed God's awesome work in creation and setting mankind in a position of responsibility over His handiwork. We mourned as we recalled mankind's great fall into sin and the subsequent curse upon our lives. Most tragically, we remembered sin's severing of our intimate relationship with a holy and just God. But God...what a phrase!...established a promise that one day a Savior would be sent to defeat our accuser and to restore this world. God the Father did so by establishing a covenant with sinful man through one family; a family whose lineage, in their times of great faith and great failures, we have traced chapter by chapter.

At each and every intersection in this story of beginnings we have seen the signposts pointing forward to Jesus Christ and the fulfillment of all the salvific promises made to our forefathers. One day, because of God's faithfulness to a peculiar people, all peoples will be blessed. No longer will there be a distinction between the descendants of Cain and Seth, or Shem and Ham, or Isaac and Ishmael. It will be faith - not bloodlines - that will distinguish the people of God. Indeed, faith in God's promises has always been the key to the world's salvation.

The privilege of God's people at any time and any place has been to share this good news to the rest of the world. As was promised, all peoples can and will be blessed as they witness God's love and rule in the lives of His children. God has so chosen to use His people in His plan of salvation. They will be light and salt to the world. They will be His ambassadors. They will carry the truth of His Word by their witness of it and faithfulness to it. Ultimately, the gospel of Jesus Christ goes forth to the nations. The blessing extends beyond the tents of Israel and into every corner of the earth.

May the Peoples Praise You is a new hymn inspired by this very theme found in Psalm 67. In the act of giving back to God what He graciously provides us we are a witness to the gospel. By extending to others God's love to us we are a witness to the gospel. By singing His praise - 'Holy, Worthy!' - we call all the world to turn in repentance and look to the Savior, Jesus Christ. As the the song says, it is a "holy privilege" to declare His praises and His name to the nations. May we do so with joy and conviction at each and every opportunity and may the gospel go forth beyond our walls and into the world.

You have called us out of darkest night
Into Your glorious light
That we may sing the wonders of
The risen Christ

May our every breath retell the grace
That broke into our strife
With boundless love and deepest joy
With endless life

May the peoples praise You
Let the nations be glad
All Your blessing comes
That we may praise
May praise the Name of Jesus

All the earth is Yours and all within
Each harvest is Your own
And from Your hand we give to You
To make Christ known

May the seeds of mercy grow in us
For those who have not heard
May songs of praise build lives of grace
To spread Your Word

This our holy priv'lege to declare
Your praises and Your name
To every nation, tribe and tongue
Your church proclaims

Holy, holy is the Lord Almighty
Worthy, worthy is the Lamb who was slain
Holy, holy is the Lord Almighty
All creation praise Your glorious Name

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