Beyond the Bulletin

Devotional thoughts for the follower of Jesus

Faith: Taking God for Granite

When studying speech errors, linguists often look for similar sounds (ask vs. axe, or nuclear pronounced as ‘nucular,’). Some errors affect both sound and meaning. A person says, “If you axe me…, ” for example, and gruesome violence comes to mind. Better meanings arise, though, if they complain of being ‘taken for granite’ (instead of granted). Being mistaken for rock, though, »

To Live Is Christ

Over 700 teens filled into an auditorium to listen to a pastor talk about living for Christ. Camp is an amazing time, and there is no other theme as relevant for the life of a teen than to ask the question, “who are you living for?” For many in the room they had grown up in the church and knew »

Temptation to Mutiny

On October 12th, Columbus Day, we honor a brave ship captain. Shouldn’t we also celebrate the faith that Columbus’ sailors had in his leadership? By his calculations, their little ships had enough food and water to cross the Atlantic to Asia. He was off by 9000 miles, but fortunately, there were some islands and a couple of continents in »

Principles from the Life of Daniel

Among the heroes of the Old Testament, Daniel stands out as a model for believers in our modern, secular world. Many spiritual principles in the book of Daniel correct a number of errors prevalent today. Principle #1 A life that is pleasing to God consists of obedience, prayer, and cultivating inner qualities of the heart, rather than adherence to traditions »

Lord, Teach Us How To Pray

“Lord, teach us how to pray.” What a striking request from the disciples! After being a part of Jesus’ ministry for some time now, they have seen many miraculous works done by Jesus - feeding 5000, walking on water, raising someone form the dead, calming the storm, healing the sick, casting out demons, and much more. And yet, their request »